Four twisting colored vases on a white background.

Radiata Vase

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Organically shaped vases to hold live or dry flowers.

Made from PLA bioplastic sourced from recycled food packaging.

Close view of a terra cotta-colored vase top with a gently twisting rippled surface, showing layers highlighted by the side lighting. Behind the vase is out-of-focus greenery.
The twisting sides of the Radiata vase are inspired by the gentle twists of the Monterey Pine, Pinus radiata, formed in response to stress forces.
Close view of a blossom-colored twisting vase in progress, machinery with a metallic nozzle depositing a layer of plastic across the top of the shell of the vase.
Designed by an algorithm, the graceful twists are 3D printed layer by layer using recycled bioplastic with an appealing matte finish.
Two eggshell colored vases on a white background, one eight inches tall, the other six inches tall.
Available in two heights: six or eight inches.