About Earthling Parametric

Earthling Parametric is a project of Alec Perkins and Cia Bernales. Our designs are inspired by the forms of different organisms, adapted to a digital age using algorithms with parametric control. We use 3D printers to produce the unique geometries that can only be made using additive manufacturing. We keep the products eco-friendly by using recycled materials, particularly a recycled bioplastic made from plants.

In the NYC area?

Select products are available at the following retailers, including exclusives not available online!


In early 2020 we started making 3D printed face shields and ear savers for medical personnel near and far, producing over two thousand pieces of equipment.

3D printed face shield visors and ear savers packaged in plastic baggies, arranged on a work surface. The bags are labeled in permanent marker with their packing dates and material usage.
Doctor wearing a face shield with a 3D printed visor and surgery garments holding a laparoscope in an operating room, performing surgery on a patient covered in blue fabric.
A group of doctors wearing organge face shield visors with faceplates, giving the camera a thumbs up.

Once that homegrown effort was no longer necessary, we could relax and think about improving little details around the home we were now spending so much time in. This led us to combine Alec’s technology fascination with Cia’s green thumb to make unique plant pots and other home goods, arriving at the “Earthling Parametric” concept.

A bell shaped pendant light with many perforations hanging in front of a window with plants.
A pot with a grid texture in full sun on a balcony, in front of a Calathea musaica leaf with the same network pattern.

Friends and family expressed interest in the products, so we started selling them person-to-person. Some proved more popular than we expected. We connected with our favorite local stores to expand the reach, and added a couple more machines to speed up production.

We now sell in the above stores, select in-person events, and direct online, and are continuing to iterate on the offering.