Single eggshell-colored pot on a white background.

Laminaria Pot

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Cache pot in three sizes

Made from PLA bioplastic sourced from recycled food packaging.

Close up of the wavy side of a pale pink pot with a matching saucer
The rippling walls of the Laminaria plant pots are based on undulating kelp forests. Designed by a parametric algorithm, each one is unique.
Overturned pink pot next to a matching saucer, showing a drain hole in the center.
Available with an optional drainage hole and a saucer, the Laminaria pots can be planted in directly.
Three wavy pots in dark matte pastel colors on a kitchen counter, one with a cactus.
The Laminaria pots are 3D printed from recycled PLA bioplastic, a renewable material sustainably sourced from food packaging and derived from cornstarch.