Echinus Pot


Urchin-inspired air plant holder

3D printed recycled PET or PLA plastic. Plant not included.

Several spiky air plants sitting in brightly colored, urchin-shaped holders on a wooden desk next to a laptop, monitor, keyboard, headphones.
Perfect for home or office, these digitally-grown urchins will add a pop of color to your desk, and provide a cute home for your green companions.
One large air plant holder and one small air plant holder in front of a clear plastic ruler.
The small is 2 inches wide (1-inch opening) and 1 inch tall. The large is 2.5 inches wide (1.5-inch opening) and 1.75 inches tall.
The Echinus air plant holders are 3D printed from 95–100% recycled plastic. Depending on color the material is either PET (the same type of plastic as soda bottles), or PLA bioplastic (biodegradable, made from corn).
They are water resistant, so feel free to mist your air plants in-place! Note: the holders are designed to not be watertight, for proper moisture control.