Red pot with a mosaic-like texture and tapered sides, holding a plant on a windowsill next to a smaller planter with a similar texture and straight sides, holding a cactus.

Musaica planter pot

The Musaica is a unique planter pot series with a built-in drainage system, outdoor-capable ecofriendly materials, and two sizes well suited for many houseplants and succulents.

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Two white planter pots with similar but distinct layered mosaic texture and drainage holes.

Each pot is digitally grown using an algorithm inspired by the leaves of the Calathea musaica to create its unique, mosaic-like texture. The pattern generated for your pot is never repeated — no two pots are the same!


3D printed using local recycled PET plastic, the Musaica pots are comfortable indoors and out. They are water, UV, and temperature resistant, so you can place yours just about anywhere around the home.

Green pot with plant on wet wooden table in front of shingles.

Each pot keeps waste plastic out of landfills and, by reusing the embodied energy of material sourced nearby, has a carbon footprint about four times less than comparable corn-based bioplastics.i

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3D printer nozzle depositing layers of plastic to make the textured wall of a planter.

Lightweight yet sturdy, they are built to last for many plantings. But, when the inevitable comes and the pots are no longer functional, you can recycle its material again in a system that accepts general rigid plastics to continue the cycle.

Red and white planters with plants on a wooden table outside.


Musaica pots have a unique reservoir and overflow outlet to help avoid overwatering. The integrated catch tray collects water to be re-absorbed by the soil and plant through wicking action. An overflow outlet prevents excess water building up, such as during heavy rain.

White planter with plant on table next to smaller green planter with cactus on windowsill.

Size & Color

Two sizes are available for the Musaica pots: A 6" Medium: practical for most desktop or windowsill plants; and a 4" Small: just right for seedlings or smaller succulents. You can also use either as a cachepot for the plant to grow into.

Two white planters, one larger with tapered sides and one smaller with straight sides.

Musaica pots come in five colors:

  • a simple white (100% recycled)
  • a lush green (100% recycled)
  • a rich oxblood red (100% recycled)
  • an elegant pastel pink
  • a burnt orange evoking terracotta
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